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The Luna Louvered Roof Veranda allows you to enjoy the sunshine and weather how you want! With its remote control you can easily tilt the panels in the roof to any position.  

You control the light, the shade and the air flowing through your roof.  

In the summer The Luna Louvered Roof Veranda provides you with the flexibility to either sit in the sun or take advantage of the shade. In the winter on the other hand, you will experience the benefits of the waterproof roof. Thanks to the integrated gutter in the panels, any water accumulation is prevented and dirt is collected. 

This model is available in both freestanding and wall mounted. With the option to add LED lighting, blinds and outdoor heating systems the Louvered Roof can be exactly what you want.  

The Luna Louvered Roof boasts both a durable and sleek design. With a remote control, the panels are easy to rotate into a position that creates the perfect light for you. The panels are continuously adjustable up to 120 degrees.  

Prices for The Luna Louvered Roof start from £9500.00 inc VAT 

To book your free quotation or more information get in touch today.

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